Dating instrument medical power radiography source

28-Jun-2015 21:46

A detector is lined up with the beam on the other side of the item.

The detector records x-rays or gamma rays that pass through the material.

Manufacturers know that consumers expect the products they buy to be safe, to work well and to last.

This reliability becomes even more important when product failure can be expensive or dangerous.

The pictures from these cameras are called radiographs. It shows the condition of metal around a welding site.

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The thicker the material, the fewer x-rays or gamma rays can pass through.Because the material is thinner where there is a crack or flaw, more rays pass through that area.Manufacturers use a method called industrial radiography to check for cracks or flaws in materials.Radiation is used in industrial radiography to show problems not visible from the outside without damaging the material.

Manufacturers also use industrial radiography to check for cracks or flaws in their products.Just like medical x-rays are used to find breaks or cracks in bones, industrial radiography uses x-rays or gamma rays to take pictures of the inside of products because they can show problems not visible from the outside.

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