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16-Oct-2016 15:27

Fewer Prada bags dangle in the closet, Hamptons retreats go unbooked and bottle service is largely a thing of the past.(Remember: This is where the vastest wealth was created - and the site where much of it is now being lost.) Which is exactly why Laney Crowell and Megan Petrus started a support group aimed at the scores of vacuous women who have lost -- and stand to lose -- in the Great Wall Street Shakeout. At least, it ended for Rausnitz; for Gray, the only thing that ended was his connection to an agreed-upon reality. S., British courts would be empowered to arrest him upon his return to the U. And then he follows you to London, breaks into your apartment, steals candlesticks, pretends to be an Israeli secret agent, and puts a tracking device in your bag. They had an affair, and Gray considered leaving his wife— wedding announcement is here, if you're in a particularly voyeuristic mood—but Gray's "behavior became stifling," Rausnitz transferred to the London office, and the relationship ended. A Rausnitz now has the British equivalent of a restraining order against Gray, and he'll be punished if he "contacts Miss Rausnitz by any means and then visits Britain"—meaning that if he stalked her in the U. Reader comments offer additional support to the ladies whose husbands and boyfriends, they allege, have grown clingy and unmanly amid all the uncertainty and joblessness. Like every other industrious borderline sociopath in the finance industry, Gray went to work: he flew out to London. It's a romantic formula that's withstood the test of time: A prosperous -- albeit emotionally unavailable -- male wins the heart of a physically attractive female on the strength of his bank account and the promise of little-to-no work in her future.The union relies very much on the man keeping his job and the woman keeping her looks.

Inevitably, the threadbare connection breaks down once one party loses their collateral.

And this year, as the financial services industry has faltered in ways only few thought imaginable, the men have been the ones coming up short. Thousands of New York City wives, girlfriends and mistresses are feeling neglected.

In November, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average was daily sinking like a stone, the two self-professed "frustrated but articulate" women conceived of Dating a Banker Anonymous.

Members meet once or twice a week to drink and commiserate over the perils of maintaining relationships with financiers.

Coping with an unemployed investment banker whose mind is mostly on finding a new job is a little easier when surrounded by overindulged peers.

For those who can't squeeze the gripe sessions into their taxing mani-pedi schedules, Dating a Banker Anonymous also has a totally obnoxious blog that exposes the harsh reality of life in the absence of coveted restaurant reservations.