Dating is like shopping

25-Aug-2016 16:49

Finding a pair of good shoes may sometimes take a while You may have to visit one or two malls and sometimes, a number of stores before you eventually find what you want.You may have to window shop from one store to another to find your size.Dating is somewhat similar, you do not just settle for anyone who comes your way.Researchers from the University of Rochester in New York, discovered a boom in lonely-hearters taking advantage of the convenient and never-ending access to potential partners by 'shopping' around when looking at online profiles.

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"Online dating is definitely a new and much needed twist on relationships," explains Harry Reis, one of the authors from the study."Corresponding by computer for weeks or months before meeting face-to-face has been shown to create unrealistic expectations.""These are the checklists we carry in our minds about the qualities or attributes a person "must" have if we're going to have a date with them. No one would buy smaller-sized shoes or an uncomfortable pair to start with.We all like to mix and match while ensuring that we stand out at any event we attend.

Internet dating comes along and simply intensifies this checklist mindset - leading to the shopping mentality highlighted by this study.

"Because a single can flick through Net profiles so quickly they start scanning for these immediate attributes and get sucked into thinking that the "next" person might have everything on their checklist.

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