Dating jeffries concertinas

06-Sep-2015 06:32

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FRED Hi, I have just bought a 2nd hand 48 key Stagi Gremlin.

A few of the notes sound out-of-tune and one is almost mute. How much roughly would it cost and how long to repair? Hi I have a 48 key Lachenal mahogany concertina with 4 bellows no 66781. How much for complete restoration and how long to these things take Thanks I have a C Jeffries concertina it is in good condition but will probably need some work done to was my wife's grandfathers and has not been used since he died all the keys work the bellows are sound it has 46 buttons and has it leather case .

Unsure of age but it belonged to my grandfather and I am 70 years old and my mother told me she can remember him playing it when she was a girl. I live in Sheffield so it would not be possible to bring it for a valuation but I would be grateful if you could give me a rough idea of the value. John Jones VERY KEEN ON FINDING A MODEL 22 WHEATSTONE6 SIDED RAISED METAL ENDS IN ANY CONDITION. COULD ALSO BE A METAL END AEOLA, OR A MODEL21 WHICH IS 6 SIDED WITH FLAT ENDS.

I would be happy to email some photos if that would help or if you know of someone more local to me, perhaps you would be good enough to give me a contact. THANK YOU, AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONEIN MY FAVORITE COUNTRY.

I live in Bude, North Cornwall so could come down for the day - have a camper so could stay longer !!! It has not properly been played for sime time and has a few sticking keys and not all buttons when pressed respond properly. What would be your AVERAGE estimation of the cost of a Service?

It has never been used for gigging and is as good as new in every respect. It sometimes gets a stuck button when i'm playing which is really awful if i am playing in a performance with other people.Just looking to sell for a fair price but now understand that they are £2200 new. If I came down to you could you have a look at it for me ?If you have any particular requirements, a question, or an instrument you might like to sell to us, scroll down to the message box at the bottom of the page and leave your message. Only concertinas-uk will see your email address; it will NOT be published. We retain the right to edit or remove anything we deem inappropriate. I have two concertinas that I wish to sell; can supply photos later.One - Lachenal Anglo s/n 95555, 20 keys in GC, 5 fold bellows.

One note is sounding without any key being pressed, corner of one bellows has split in leather and pin from one thumb strap missing. I was wondering if you would like to buy it , can you give me a rough price I will try to send some photos Hi I have a Morse Anglo C/G that I am looking to sell - looking to use funds to purchase an Eb Bb Melodeon and pay for some repairs/tuning to others.

would you either be interested in a purchase or could advice what the last one sold for( as on your website).

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