Dating just for the money

27-Mar-2016 10:10

In no way am I saying not to give money or help to others in need, but if you do it has to be out of a willing heart (with no strings or expectations attached). They use other people’s profiles and make you think they are real, but in fact they are most likely from another country.

SEE ALSO: How to Handle Flirtation without Being Led On SHE SAID: Red flags are going off left and right on this one. These men (and in some cases women) prey on your vulnerabilities, knowing just what to say to pull you in only to ask for money. But let’s pretend for a moment they are not one of these types of scammers, and they are not from a foreign country.

All this to say, there is a series of questions you may want to ask yourself before writing a check: Is there no other way he could “raise” the money (otherwise be faced with a situation)?

Does the amount he is asking for in any way affect your personal budget or savings in any way?

Because I am not aware of your exact circumstances as to why he has asked for money, it’s hard to tell you what direction.

Oftentimes when we want something so bad we are willing to overlook our personal values or convictions, convince ourselves and others why it’s such a good idea, and not listen to that still small voice.

In those times we push ahead of what God wants for us.

SEE ALSO: What to Do When Feelings Fizzle Out If he never returned the money, would it change the relationship or impression you have of him?

If a man asks you for financial help after being on a dating site for a few weeks and they make you believe you were meant to be together and they say it’s from God what should a woman do help them or run the other way?In regards to money, I have often heard it said, “Don’t loan money unless you don’t care about getting it back.” This is even in regards to family or friends since it often causes a rift in the relationship should one not abide by their (all too often) verbal agreement.