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23-Feb-2015 22:30

In NY this is a favorite to landlord because caretaker are #1 candidate for eviction.

This has seen in many cases if you do housing court research you will know. Name: Susan Location: Boston Date: 08/20/2013 Time: PM Im a caregiver for my Dad, 84 with MS.

Every time my father urinates he wets everything, clothes, self, wheelchair, floor, feet, slippers.

Any advice or help with this matter would be great!!!!!

Name: Zainu Paulse Location: South Africa Date: 08/25/2013 Time: AM I was taking care of my grandmother.

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He had been under respite in a nursing home for most of the Summer, the 1st time he had gotten very weak and was unable to get to the bathroom, he was discharged and there were similar problems I couldn't handle so we sent him back.

Now he's home, again and has severe water retention on his feet which he's always had and he has been prescribed Lasix which is making his incontinence even worse.

He uses a urinal but even w/out the incontinence he misses the urianl and gets urine all over his clothes, himself, feet or slippers, the floor and wheelchair.

He has a nurse, Occupational health, PT, PC care coming in, right now and I get very stressed with all the phone calls/ cross-care, all the suggestions they have.

Not anyone can take care of a elderly or ill person.

You should have a heart, really care about people, thats not able to care for themselves.

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