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14-Jan-2016 02:17

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The bubonic or "Black Plague" took nearly a quarter of London's population in 1563.

Syphilis was on the rise, supposedly brought to Europe from the Americas, by Columbus and his crew.

A successful merchant could not expect to rise to nobility, but could expect to accumulate wealth and buy property.

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The reign of Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII, lasted a remarkable 45 years, from 1558 to 1603.

It was an exciting time, marked by a rising middle class, the Age of Explorers and Shakespearean theatre.

Scurvy was rampant among the poor, owing to the lack of vitamin C in their diets.

Finally, tuberculosis took a quarter of the patients at London's St. Elizabethan times saw the rise of a strong merchant class, led by weavers and clothmakers.

It was also a time of endemic syphilis, high child mortality and outbreaks of plague and smallpox.England's population burgeoned during Elizabeth's reign, rising from about three million to about four million.

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