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22-May-2016 13:20

How Matt and Luciana Met and Engagement: While Matt was in Miami Beach filming Stuck on You in 2003, he and Luciana met at the Crobar where she was a bartender.Occupations: Matt: Actor, writer, producer, and one of the founders of Pearl Street Productions. Their .3 million Miami mansion was purchased by Matt in the spring of 2005. I went [back] and [Lucy] said, ‘What the hell are you doing here? Born: Matthew Paige Damon: October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. September 5, 2005 is the date that Matt reportedly gave Luciana a platinum ring from Steven Goldfarb of Bellevue, Washington. Matt: "I was hiding behind the bar because I was getting hassled …

Quotes about Marriage and Family: Matt: "We have a two week rule. I think you need to be with the person you love as much as possible. I don't like being apart from her."Source: Cindy Pearlman. We don't allow ourselves to be apart."Source: Paul Chi.

Matt Damon has not been President Barack Obama’s biggest fan lately.

By Sheri Stritof Following what was a trend in celebrity marriages, Matt Damon married Luciana Bozan Barroso in a surprise wedding. Children: Matt and Luciana are raising four daughters.

Here's more information about Matt and Luciana's wedding, their marriage relationship, their children, and more. Luciana has a daughter, Alexia, from her former marriage. Residences: Luciana and Matt have homes in New York and in Miami.

"Matt Damon: Four Kids is a ' Whole New Dynamic.'" Wedding Date: Matt (35) and Luciana (29) were married on December 9, 2005 at 9 a.m. After the wedding, Matt showed reporters his silver wedding band. The two left on December 11, 2005 for Europe where Matt worked on the movie The Good Shepherd. something incredible happened the first time I saw her.”Source: Anya Leon. Alexia, Luciana's 7-year-old daughter, attended the wedding.

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