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The upper part of his face is large in proportion to the lower part, so that when he is old his nose looks large for his jaw.

Of all human being the Mediterranean has the most human, the most highly evolved, masticatory apparatus.

Mediterranean physical types may not necessarily share common ancestry, since in the strictest sense, Mediterranean is only a phenotype.

The early Neolithic pioneers were of this type, as Coon correctly notes.

The Mediterranean man is a relatively hairy fellow.

In a dark-skinned and finer-boned form they are also found as the major population element in Pakistan and northern India. So were the ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Children of Israel, and the Arabs of the early Islamic period whose skeletons I had the privilege of measuring at Nippur.

A Mediterranean is a white man of variable stature - as whites go, usually short to medium; his bones are light, but strongly marked for muscle attachments if these muscles have been well developed through use.

Our area, from Morocco to Afghanistan, is the homeland and cradle of the Mediterranean race.

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His teeth are small, and so are the muscles that operate his jaw.

His face is narrow, and his nose consequently is often prominent when compared to the lower-bridged and flatter noses of wider or longer-jawed races in Europe and other parts of Africa and Asia.