Dating middle east customs

17-Mar-2015 22:10

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Of course, you are probably wondering how people get married in the Middle East in general since dating is not a supported idea.Well, there are arranged marriages where the mother, an aunt, or a family friend proposes a “decent girl” to a guy; they set the date to meet in the girl’s house or a café. With her distinct and humorous storytelling, Soad offers her personal account of courtship in the Middle East. Originally from Egypt, she currently lives in Azerbaijan.Since childhood, I have always dreamt of becoming a NASA astronaut and finding a cure for cancer.If all goes well and the guy and girl approve, they get married and live happily ever after. Long story short, my dad was out with his friend buying a watermelon and then his friend proposed the idea to my dad—to marry a woman he knew (my mother) who was his distant relative.

Since many Middle Eastern people live in a predominately conservative society, the notion of a man and a woman dating and going out on their own is frowned upon, especially for the woman.Anyway, there are other ways to marry if you are not really into the dating scene.