Dating my physical therapist

20-Feb-2016 16:51

So I'm having physical therapy for me knee (tendinitis) and I think my therapist might like me.When I do excercises with the leg weights he always brushes against my leg more than necessary to put them on. Also, whenever I'm on the bike he always just hangs around talking to me when normally he would be putting some towels away.but I didn't want to start dating someone I had to work with almost daily (if it didn't work, how uncomfortable would that be? She found another job, so on her last day I took her out to lunch...So here is the background: In high school I messed up my back pretty bad while working out. My first session was on her first day there so we talked about that, where we both went to college, and what plans we had in the future.Recently my symptoms came back so I decided to take a trip to the doctor to see what he would say. The therapist himself is very knowledgeable and adept in the field I like knowing that he can take care of it, but it is his assistant that drives me to go back. I really think we hit it off because whenever I show up she somewhat "hovers" around to check on me. How would I find out if she is seeing anybody or not? Any flirting or interest shown can lead to her being assigned elsewhere and have her job jeopardized due to professionalism.

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