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21-Aug-2015 02:52

While divorce is legally an option, as my host sister explained one evening, the process of actually getting a divorce is all but culturally forbidden.Marriages are arranged in an effort to decrease the chance of divorce.Four years later we’re talking about our future together.In Nepal, marriage is viewed as a forever commitment.My Mom was seventeen when she met my Dad, and my Grammy was fourteen years old when she asked my Pepere to the Sadie Hawkins dance.So it was no surprise when at the age of seventeen I met Chris.

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I was aware that the majority of marriages in Nepal were arranged. I come from a long line of high school sweethearts.

I’d even had extensive conversations with a study abroad adviser to discuss my relationship, the difficulties I might have talking about him with my host-family, and the likelihood that I would be able to introduce him to my family at the end of the program; but it all sounded so complicated. My cousin and her husband started dating during their sophomore year of high school, as did my aunt and uncle.