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01-Mar-2015 10:44

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You've stopped wondering if someone better is out there. Well that's a loaded question with a myriad of answers.

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We know flings are fun, deliciously fantastic for the ego, and can even be a source of wicked entertainment between you and your girlfriends.While he plays solitarily in the living room with his cars, my daughter sits next to me in the other room and feeds her doll with a toy bottle. ” I’m talking about what people really think about the relationship put-off that’s as old as the hills: “I’m too afraid/nervous/scared to take the relationship to the next level.” Decoded, what does this statement really mean? While generalizations are often wrong or highly embellished, it is true that many men feel afraid of commitment and emotional intimacy in a way that many women don’t. Let’s be honest: Guys are usually the bearers of this lame dating line.

The song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police was definitely written about a guy looking at a girl and thinking, I need to take this relationship up a notch. You know you're serious when it doesn't have to be fancy dinners all the time, but hanging in your pajamas drinking your coffee of choice. A pet is not equivalent to a child by any means, but it is significant.It means you at least see yourselves being together for a significant period of time.

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