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Grace (Leah Purcell) and Wesley (Alec Doomadgee) haven't had a holiday for years - with two kids and Wesley's work, there hasn't been time.

Now ready to go, Grace discovers that her sister is off her meds and unable to look after her children so Grace has to find temporary care for the children, but nobody wants to care for them.

Redfern Now is an Australian television drama series screening on ABC1 in Australia and Vibrant TV Network in the United States.

It tells powerful contemporary stories about Indigenous Australians in the Sydney suburb of Redfern.

In her mid fifties, Coral (Tessa Rose), works in a food van, which sometimes brings her into contact with victims of abuse, leading her to the mistaken conclusion that her daughter's bruised face is the result of more than just an accident.

When Coral is hit by a stolen car (the joyride) with Danny as a passenger, her granddaughter, Julie, arrives to look after her, but she is forced into hospital.

Aaron Davis (Wayne Blair) is proud of his police uniform, proud of the community in which he works and very proud of his daughter Robyn (Rarriwuy Hick) and his 3 year old granddaughter Donna.

What happens when he loses pride in himself and what does he have to do to find his way again?

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Sixteen-year-old Joel Shields (Aaron Mc Grath) has just won an Indigenous scholarship to Clifton Grammar School - one of Sydney's most elite private schools.However, things get complicated when he is forced to sit down for what he believes in.