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Anemia is not a single disease but a condition, like fever, with many possible causes and many forms.Causes of anemia include nutritional deficiencies, inherited genetic defects, medication-related side effects, and chronic disease.This report focuses on the most common forms of anemia:, carry oxygen throughout the body to nourish tissues and sustain life.Red blood cells are the most abundant cells in our bodies.Other types of anemia, such as those associated with chronic diseases or cancer, may need more aggressive treatment.Preventing Iron Deficiency in Infants and Toddlers The American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines for preventing iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in infants and young children include: Anemia Drug for Dialysis Patients Approved and Recalled In March 2012, the FDA approved the erythropoiesis-stimulating drug peginesatide (Omontys) specifically for patients receiving kidney dialysis.

An in-depth report on the types, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of anemia.Iron deficiency; Pernicious anemia Overview Anemia is the name applied to many different conditions that are all characterized by an abnormally low number of healthy red blood cells.