Dating old enamel coffee pots

24-Sep-2015 17:09

Prices found in one of my guides include a blue berry bucket, ; a gray 8-inch coffee pot with lid, ; roaster, blue swirl with insert, 5; water pitcher, red-and-white feather, 0; and colander, blue swirls, 5. Q: I have a 24-inch Shirley Temple doll that I received as a child.

Condition is extremely important when determining values. Since I am over 85, I know it to be one of the originals.

I purchased most of my pieces for less than each.

Graniteware was especially popular with farming and rural families because it was attractive and fairly inexpensive.

Pieces that are of heavier weight, constructed with seams, riveted, and with wooden handles are generally older, but this isn’t chiseled in, well, granite.

Colors that tend to be popular with collectors include cobalt blue, red-and-white swirls, green, brown, and pieces with unusual designs. For example, several weeks ago I saw three almost identical graniteware coffee pots in three shops.

For additional information, you might want to contact the National Graniteware Society, P. I am not interested in selling it but wonder if you can suggest a good home for it.

They were priced at , and , quite a range.

Collectors should be forewarned that there are graniteware reproductions, so examine each piece carefully before you buy it.

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