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02-Feb-2015 03:12

It's only natural that we get pulled into their gravitational field.

I immediately rang up friends to report my celebrity encounter, saying: "She had on a gorgeous, floor-length white fur coat! " I've never been much of a Britney fan, so why the contact high? Stars cry to Diane Sawyer about their problems—failed marriages, hardscrabble upbringings, bad career decisions—and we can relate. Stars live in another world entirely, one that makes our lives seem woefully dull by comparison.A few years ago, Britney Spears and her entourage swept through my boss's office.As she sashayed past, I blushed and stammered and leaned over my desk to shake her hand.With its myths, its rituals (the red carpet walk, the Super Bowl ring, the handprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater) and its ability to immortalize, it fills a similar cultural niche.

Reality TV further confuses the picture by transforming ordinary folk into bold-faced names without warning. "And, by the way, it's not the worst thing in the world to do." Celebrities tap into powerful motivational systems designed to foster romantic love and to urge us to find a mate.Even celebrities themselves are not immune to celebrity watching: Magazines print pictures of Demi Moore and "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn reading the very same gossip magazines that stalk them. Stars summon our most human yearnings: to love, admire, copy and, of course, to gossip and to jeer.