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Later, East Asian travelers and European colonialism brought words from Portuguese, French, Dutch, and most significantly English.

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This table below compares the differences of spoken and used vocabularies in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Due to centuries of contact with Europeans, Mughals, Arabs, Persians, and East Asians, The Bengali language has absorbed countless words from foreign languages, often totally integrating these borrowings into the core vocabulary.

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The typical Bengali dictionary lists 75,000 separate words, of which 50,000 (67%) are considered তৎসম tôtsômô (words directly reborrowed from Sanskrit), 21,100 (28%) are তদ্ভব tôdbhôbô (native Bengali vocabulary with Sanskrit cognates), and the rest being borrowings from দেশী deshi "indigenous (Austroasiatic)" and বিদেশী bideshi "foreign" sources.

However, these figures do not take into account the fact that a huge chunk of these words are archaic or highly technical, minimizing their actual usage.