Dating owens illinois glass

08-Jul-2016 20:25

Objects were collected in the field during several weeks of survey work at both the Women’s League cabin site and the field.As objects were collected they were meticulously bagged and labeled with their location and material, so that more comprehensive interpretations of individual units and larger assemblages could later be formed.Biographies for objects collected at Women’s League Cabin site appear first, sorted by Unit letter and number. For information on the meaning and interpretation of objects as part of the larger assemblage please check out the pages on the Women’s League Cabin Survey and the Field Survey.Hundreds of artifacts were collected during the surveys of the Field and Women’s League Cabin sites, which were then analyzed by the three students in the survey group: Sage Mitch (Center), Theo Morris (Right), and Chloe Bergstrand (not pictured, though her orange computer is).After all surveys and excavations were complete the objects were carefully washed and handled in the lab.

Glass objects especially can be analyzed for a likely date of production and use.

Looking for makers’ marks, serial numbers, brand logos, or even distinctive shapes and colors can give clues to the bottles origin.