Dating pakistan for indians

16-May-2016 18:41

The Indian action was meant to pre-empt their infiltration.India presented its operation as preemptive self-defence against terrorism, striking against terrorist infrastructure along with "those who are trying to support them." Columnist Ankit Panda thought the latter included Pakistani soldiers or the elements of Pakistani state.From July 2016, large-scale protests had taken place in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir against the Indian government after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen miltant Burhan Wani by the Indian forces, during which more than 80 civilians died in protests and more than 1000 people were injured, including more than 3000 security forces.

Pakistan later said that India had provided no evidence that the Uri attack was launched from Pakistan.Earlier that month, four militants had attacked the Indian army at Uri on 18 September in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir, and killed 19 soldiers.India's announcement of the claimed raid on 29 September marked the first time that the government had publicly acknowledged its forces crossing the Line of Control, amidst skepticism and disputing accounts.On 29 September 2016, a military confrontation between India and Pakistan began.

India claimed that it had conducted "surgical strikes" against militant launch pads across the Line of Control in Pakistani-administered Azad Kashmir, and inflicted "significant casualties".

Analyst Sandeep Singh, writing in The Diplomat, said that the operation is better characterised as a cross-border raid because "surgical strikes" involve striking deep into the enemy territory and typically using air power.