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29-Oct-2016 11:15

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If I grab her arm and pull her out of the way, she gets very upset, like she's going to cry. This latest episode started on Thursday and she's gotten so bad that I had her go over to her Dad's house today because I couldn't take any more (she thinks I'm being nice by letting her go visit).

My 7 yr old son, when told his sister was leaving, had one word to say - "GOOD". She has been tested for ADD and Anxiety, by several so-called professionals and no one can give me a solid diagnosis for either one.

She also made a big show out of watering my house plants and spilled a large amount on the floor and didn't clean it up or tell me about it.

Grabbed a cake out of the refrigerator, making a big deal out of just using one hand and almost dropping it.

The straw for me was when my mother came over and my daughter had a field day.

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It was very embarrassing, especially with my 7 year old son sitting across from her.

The waiter came over at the end of the meal and instead of asking us for dessert, she grabbed the little stand up paper picture and jabbed it repeatedly with her finger, crying "ooh ooh ooh".

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