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14-Jan-2015 12:51

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I’m not the type of person who likes to hang-out a lot.When I moved to Pampanga, I didn’t expect that to change at all.try niyo din: Bretto's deli (sarap mga sandwiches, lalaki pa) Cottage Kitchen (ribs! It’s been two and a half years since I moved here in Pampanga. I was hired by a company based in Clark Freeport Zone on April 2010. We’ve gone to some places of interest around Clark. I understand most people prefer to go to malls, resorts, parks, restaurants, amusement centers and the like, as much as they can. Sure I would like to have the chance to travel once in a while.Paborito naming balik-balikan doon yung burong kanin.I know it's an acquired taste at lalong hindi appetizing yung Kapampangan version kasi wala syang kulay, pero trust me, masarap sya.But I found out being a homebody won’t do for a family. Especially with my two kids around, they will be extremely bored if I kept them from going out.

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When I think about it now, I feel as if it wasn’t that long ago. But I’m not the type to always want to hunt for a place to enjoy.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been more than two years already. In my two years here, there were several things that happened. I can be just as happy at home reading books, watching movies or surfing the internet.

My wife and I go to Pampanga quite a bit to visit her family. Some places in San Fernando and Angeles that we recommend to our friends are: Everybody's Cafe -- the quintessential authentic, exotic Kapampangan restaurant with everything from morcon, pancit luglug, carabao tocino, hito with buro, deep fried stuffed frog, duck adobo and, my favourite, camaru(in season) and lots more.

Fisherman's Grill and Hollidayland -- also Pampanga cuisine, but not as exotic as Everybody's Cafe. Haven't been back since Aling Lucing was murdered last year. But, this place has by far the best sisig I have ever had. I recommend trying the Chili dog and their fish and chips platter. Sub-Delicious is also a nice place to eat (if you're looking for American-sized servings).

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If you're not in the mood for Kapampangan food, there are a few other places we can recommend: A La Creme -- excellent pastas, pastries and entrees. Viva Zapata -- located along the perimeter road at Clarke. Mc Jolly's lechon manok - stall located near the main gate of Clark SPEZ.

Though, I was somewhat surprized by the Makati prices in San Fernando. Madalas dito pag masyadong late ka na nagpunta wala ka nang aabutan. Yung Party Place/Party Land may eat-all-you-can buffet sila dati, ewan ko lang kung meron pa rin ngayon.

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