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28-Nov-2014 18:57

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Eventually we would kind of laugh about it because he was very good at guessing what I was thinking.

It honestly took me some time to change my thought patterns and fix how I handled conflict.

We have come to the final horsemen of John Gottman’s “Horsemen of the Apocalypse”—danger signs in the relationship.

Previously we talked about criticism, contempt and defensiveness. Stonewalling is when someone removes himself or herself from the argument by turning into a “stone wall.” For instance, instead of showing active listening (i.e., saying “uh-huh” or “I see” while listening), the stonewaller shows stony silence during communication.

Usually when people decide to stonewall, they think they are being “neutral” and trying not to make the argument worse by retorting. Gottman said, “They do not seem to realize that stonewalling itself is a very powerful act: it conveys disapproval, icy distance and smugness.” There are different methods of stonewalling.

Some people won’t react at all when their partner is upset while others will mutter one-syllable responses or change the subject.

Your spouse says to you, “Oh, don’t bother to get up and help.

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And your actions make it seem like you also have no desire to be around your partner.Even if you think you are just trying to get a handle on your emotions by leaving, that is not the message that is being conveyed. I’ve learned the hard way how withdrawing can hurt your spouse. And I didn’t know it was such a dangerous thing to withdraw until I learned about Gottman’s Four Horsemen. Can you give me a little time and then we can try to talk about this again,” may be a constructive strategy. Instead of trying to calm my emotions, I would sulk and think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t be with my husband.

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