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14-Jul-2015 00:50

We’re also grateful to Claire for helping us explain to readers what kind of courses and training Scientologists actually go through, as she helped us with our series, Up the Bridge. This one is disturbing, folks, especially as it was posted right about the same time as Claire’s interview about escaping from the Sea Org.

Here’s the caption posted by Sarah Ehrlich1: “My baby is starting a new journey today.

#Sea Org” This photo was taken at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and Arthur Ehrlich is all of 16 years old.

His parents, David and Sarah Ehrlich, are wealthy Scientologists who live in a Beverly Hills mansion they bought for .5 million in 2008.

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David’s an investor, Sarah runs something called Help For Here are the reactions so far to their news about their son, which Sarah also posted to her Facebook page…

All right, we’ve learned a lot more about this young man, and we’re going to reveal some of it now.