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The Pepper company was not in business prior to 1876. At first, they produced kits for wholesalers, who branded them as their own.

Even though all of the drums were made by the Soistman Drum Company, these instruments were made according the specifications of the Pepper Company. email 6/3/2009] 'I actually sign each drum that is made in my factory.

Jimmy Pepper felt that the Soistman Company was better at making these instruments than his own. I have a book that tells me where the drums went and the date and serial number. I write the serial number in the shell under the air vent as well as my signature and the date.

During this period, Limited was appended to the company name.

More often than not the serial numbers are simply a way for the individual to record their purchase for insurance purposes and do not relate specifically to a date or manufacturing batch.

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