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08-May-2016 01:39

If you have received a citation from a law enforcement agency in Racine County, the court date noted on your citation is the initial appearance date for the citation.

At your initial appearance, you are required to enter a plea of “not guilty”, “guilty”’ or “no contest” to the citation.

If you want to contest the citation but do not wish to appear and it is not required, you may send in a “Not Guilty” plea by mail to: Racine County Traffic Court 730 Wisconsin Ave. The letter should contain the file number or citation number, your name and current address.

A pretrial notice to appear will be sent by mail after the Initial Appearance date to notify you of the next court date.

If your violation involves an equipment violation, your vehicle registration or the suspension/revocation of your driving privileges and you have now fixed the equipment violation, have properly registered your vehicle or have obtained a valid driver’s license, you should bring the proof of repair, registration or license certificate with you to court.

IF YOU DECIDE TO PLEAD “GUILTY” OR "NO CONTEST" AND YOU WILL NOT BE APPEARING IN COURT, YOU ARE REQUIRED to pay the deposit amount prior to the Initial Appearance hearing.