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On a semi-related note, Colonial Russia can be partially credited with prompting the creation of one of America’s most famous documents: the Monroe Doctrine.

In 1821, Tsar Alexander I, whose subjects now reigned supreme over everything from Alaska to Oregon (not to mention that tiny slice of California real estate), released an imperial edict which forbade foreign vessels from coming within 100 miles of “his” Pacific Northwest.

At the same time, Russian settlers had difficulty adapting their traditional farming practices to Alaska’s unforgiving terrain and shortened growing season. At first, the Alaskan colonies were merely interested in acquiring more food by trading with their Cali-based Spanish counterparts. Soon enough, the Russians started making plans to stake their own claim on its sunny, otter-rich coastline.

As a result, it became difficult to supply the colonists with enough food. Located 60 miles north of modern-day San Francisco, Fort Ross is the largest lingering trace of this effort.

Grigory (1747-1795) has been ignored by countless history textbooks.

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Also, Russia’s presence there wasn’t exactly met with warmth by the Spanish (more on that below).Finally, in 1841, the Fort Ross territory was sold to an American pioneer named John Sutter (1803-1880), this time for the agreed-upon sum of ,000, which he never actually paid.