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22-Sep-2015 02:29

MILWAUKEE -- Have you ever heard these words: It's not you, it's me? Local matchmaker Katie Schmidt with "It's Just Lunch" joins Real Milwaukee with the top five most overlooked relationship killers. You need to keep that for a fourth, fifth, or sixth date," says Stephanie Kluver, a matchmaker with "It's Just Lunch."But, what happens if you fall for someone who lines up ideologically opposed to you?

Read the full article The dating scene is always difficult to navigate, but a highly-charged election season makes it even more so. This may seem like common knowledge, but - if you like someone - when should you start talking politics if it's really important to you? Read the full article I’ve spent the majority of my 20s single.

Smiling from ear to ear, you sip wine and barely eat as you gaze into his or her beautiful eyes, unable to believe that after countless awful dates, you actually met someone who stopped your world. Unfortunately, no one gets too many of those, as lots of first dates end in disappointment, irritation, and nightmare stories you end up sharing with your friends.

So, how can you turn a first date into many, many more?

How do other people handle matters of the heart at work? Here are tips, real life stories, and stats to help you figure out your next course of action.

The Face-to-Face experience: As an IJL client, we guarantee you will go out on dates. What happens: Once staff members find a good match, they'll tell you about your date, coordinate your schedules, and select a nice spot for lunch or drinks. A dating service is trying to revolutionize the blind date.

Because that’s the only way to tell if there’s chemistry. Our IJL certified matchmakers create a dating experience personalized just for you. Date, time, where you go." "It plans everything, down to when and where you meet.

Throughout the year, we organize events specifically for Jewish singles over 35.

"Being a member of It's Just Lunch is like having trusted friends set you up, but even better, because they're professionals.

Read the full article It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’ve probably got love on the brain. I’ve been there, and I know exactly how stressed you must feel. Sure there’s a chance it may not work out, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

If you’re currently crushing on, seeing, secretly dating, or hooking up with someone in the office, you’re probably wondering if you’ve gone mental with all of the questions swirling around in your mind. Is this girl or guy worth the constant morning distraction and pressure to find something perfect to wear each day? Once you know for sure that your company doesn’t have a fraternizing policy, then you’ll want to do your best to pursue your feelings in the right way.

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"So, on a first date you don't want to talk religion, past relationships, or anything about politics. Though I’ve never had a lack of option, opportunity, or dates, I often struggle with meeting someone I'd want a relationship with.There always seems to be something that doesn’t match, a timing that doesn’t pan out, a deal breaker that keep us apart, or countless other things that keep a relationship from really getting off the ground. You’re sitting across the table from someone who you think is close to perfect.

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