Dating secrets fear of being hurt

06-Jun-2015 05:52

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If women donʼt know who they are and what they want, they will have a hard time getting it; this is what makes women vulnerable.Knowing what you want, going after it, taking calculated risks and staying in the competition, this makes you strong. Learn to trust yourself first before you can trust enough to let others into your life So what is vulnerability?The dictionary definition says; capable of being wounded or hurt. As a writer, I like to have clear definitions of words, or we will never, so to speak, be on the same page.This is confirmed by research on women and risk taking and competition.We women sometimes collude in our own vulnerability. I also would argue with Brownʼs quote and say, actually, truth sounds like truth, and courage feels like courage.

So, to be clear, I donʼt think women struggle with not being vulnerable enough.

Feeling vulnerable feels like feeling vulnerable, scared and hopeless sometimes.

There is such a thing as being safe enough to allow someone else to care for us. Women need tools to know how to trust themselves first, and then they will know who they can trust enough to let them into their lives.

When you know that you are valuable because you value yourself, you wonʼt allow anyone to hurt you, youʼll know where your boundaries are and you wonʼt let anyone cross them.

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Once you have your own strength and courage, you can let people in your life, not because you are vulnerable, but because you are # 2.Vulnerability is about speaking our truth unabashedly Learning to be vulnerable again (or perhaps for the first time) is a delicate place to navigate because we’ve subconsciously armored up in attempt to protect our heart from possible pain.

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