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"Why, had the ancient knapper not FINISHED this piece ? the ancient native Amerinds apparently only did what was necessary to accomplish their daily goals... They did no more and no less than what was necessary to accomplish their goal of survival or to accomplish the immediate task at hand." I showed this blade to another more experienced artifact advocate, and presented him with this question. They constantly lived "in the present", a lesson we can learn from.some of these are Andice, backed knives, Dawson, First view, Goshen, Howard county, Massard, Nebo hill, Paisano, Raccoon, Stockton, Turin, Ulu, and Washita northern variety.Volume 3 starts with the Acatta arrowhead type and ends with the Zora type, with a total of 256 point types covered.With this new knowledge, I had a different perspective on other artifacts which I found, and which are pictured below.So, this is a "finished" leaf blade, in as much as was needed at the time.

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(You don't have to enter anything in the body of the email) You will be contacted by email to complete the order: Volume 2 starts with the arrowhead Abbey type and ends with the Zella type.there are a total of 302 points illustrated and described.did he perhaps hear his child's cry for help, and abandon his work, only for someone to find this piece thousands of years later ?I kept turning the question over and over in my mind...

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We have a limited supply of the out-of-print books titled "Selected Preforms, Points and Knives of the North American Indians" written by Greg Perino, who was considered by many to be "The Master" in the artifact authenticating world.These can be ordered by simply clicking on the email link below, and by sending the email.

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