Dating services for the mentally ill

21-Mar-2016 03:08

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... The reason there are so many "new" mental disorders is nothing to do with the fact that the human race is insane (which it probably is.) it is to do with marketing by drugs companies.

Unfortunately it comes down to fear, alot of people dont like to talk about mental illness, dont know actual statitics but its said most people will experience some form of mental illness throughout their life. "He said, "We fill a bathtub with water and offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket, then we ask them to empty the tub."I said "So ... I would choose NOT to date a person what a significant mental illness..... I would be worried about things in the relationship . I cant see why having a mental defect should be a problem.

When you meet someone we all hope we will be judged on the whole package and not on one small bit of your personality, but sadly life doesnt always work out like that. A normal person would choose the bucket because it is bigger? I would probably need to be educated on the illness she has so i can possibly help. HI, I SUFFER FROM BIPOLAR & HAV A LADY FRIEND WITH SAME BUT A BIT MORE SO, IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO GET HER TO SPEEK BUT SEEMS TO COM OUT OF HERSELF WEN WE R IN MY PLACE, I HAV FALLIN IN LUV WITH HER & I WORRY ABOUT HER WEN SHE GOES HOME, SHE KEEPS SAYING WE R JUST FRIENDS, BUT SHE KISSES & CUDDLES ME, I'M NOT GOING TO TRY & GET HER INTO BED, BUT I WUD LUV TO LOOK AFTER HER, IL JUST HAV TO GO WITH TH FLOW I SOPOSE, Hahaha I hear that I have a saying that I tell all mfkers who say they are normal "Its the people who say they are normal that peek into your windows at nite time"I belive completly in what you said.

If you substituted the word "jew" or "negro" with mentally ill, it would be an offensive statement to most people, but people seem to see nothing wrong with this sort of statement when it refers to the mentally ill.i think we have all got a bit of mental illness of sum kindwe have our up and down days, and depression can be sorted, its how we deal with every day life, how we treat people around us somtimes a smile goes a long wayi myself suffer from bi polar i am 22years of age and i have my own home a 3year old daughter and i teach a Art class.....

the only difference between me and a 'normal' person is i carry my heart and emotions on my sleeve.....

It would have been an honour just to be in their presence,and even more of a honour for us to know them intimately.

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My experience are when you really get to the root of most people you start to think there may be more with some sort of personality or mental defect than there are "normal" people. I once visited a mental asylum and, while there, asked the director "How do you know when a person needs to be institutionalized? :)Dating someone with mental illness...well, that depends on the type of mental illness...anxiety,by some standards, is considered a mental somebody that is a paranoid schizophrenic...well, that could be a little problematic....i.e.....their problems become your well will taking their meds...thing is ...start to fell better and discontinue the meds....their problem becomes your problem..that now you have to make sure they are properly with mental illness is no fun unless perhaps it is nymphomania Would you date Vincent Van gough if he were still alive?Some of the most creative and beautifil people on this planet were mentally ill.I guess in this day and age there are only an handfull of people that do not live with a "mental illness" giving the fact that every out of place feeling is seen as a mental illness. I am a 45 year old women stuck here in a small town in Texas USA I miss my beloved Derry and my father is home there I guess that is were he belongs. I am not sure were you are I didnt even know that there were Irish on this website.

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thus in my Opinion one should be on a look out for the following:1. Anyways Peace Jackiei met a woman who was taking medication for depression ,it seemed all under control she seemed fine i had no idea about depression other than the fact that some people deal with it better than others , we got married after a year they had to switch her meds ( apperantly the meds lose there effectiveness after a while ) she slept all the time, and when she did wake up their was nothing right with the world, the sex life became none existant ,it was hell ,i have a huge yard and i would mow it with the push mower ( instead of the riding lawn mower ) just so i would not have to go in the house sooner , if you meet a woman that is dealing with depression run !!i live a normal life by the help of counselling and meds.....

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