Dating site for people in jail

10-Apr-2016 03:30

The public can also find an inmate to correspond with through Prison Pen Pals,, Friends Beyond the Wall, and Meet an Inmate.Inmates pay to list their profile on Write APrisoner for a year.A Link to the World It’s hard to imagine the criminals from America’s favorite gangster movies spending their prison stints exchanging letters with an anonymous office worker or quiet retiree.Renewing the profile for another year costs an additional .As prisoners don’t have Internet access, Write APrisoner sends brochures to prisons that inmates can use to create a profile by mail.He that he has “been wrongly convicted” of armed robbery and that his appeal looks promising.

Lovell is the founder of Write, a website that lists personal ads from prisoners seeking pen pals.

A visitor to the site might decide to become pen pals with Jacoby Bright, a 22-year-old New Orleans native incarcerated for illegal possession of stolen items, attempted manslaughter, and attempted robbery.