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Tweten's Instagram Bye Felipe, a spinoff of the dismissive slang saying "Bye Felicia" from the 1995 movie Friday, started off to publicly shame the trolls targeting her but became a venue for many women to air their online dating grievances with screenshots of their unwelcome messages.The Instagram, which now has 319K followers, is for "taking away that power that [trolls] think they have over women," Tweten told The Huffington Post last year.But while two wrongs may not make a right, they do make for some hilarious ways to hold trolls accountable for soiling women's online dating experiences.Besides, perhaps it's time women stop trying to be "nice" by accommodating people who make them uncomfortable and start doing themselves and other women a favor by refusing to let trolls harass women without consequences. After blocking didn't work — some users would create new accounts and find her again — Brincefield started taking screenshots of her messages and uploading them to her profile with captions like “Tinder is not the solution to your marital problems.” This tactic has been fairly successful in warding off trolls with little collateral damage: One user who contacted Brincefield said his main reaction to her profile was "This girl's hilarious" — proving that the people worth our time won't take issue with us standing up for ourselves and other women.(In case anyone's wondering if women get messages this bad on a regular basis, we do.) Gensler lets her trolls know exactly how ridiculous they look by drawing cartoons of them based on their messages and profiles for her Instagram instagranniepants. Sure, but if they didn't want to look like idiots, while, maybe they shouldn't have made themselves look like idiots.Milwaukee is a city in Wisconsin, some four hundred miles away from Cleveland, in the state of Ohio, prompting passengers to fear they’ve accidentally boarded the wrong flight as they spy the trick lettering from the aeroplane window.The lettering is six foot tall and first appeared on Mr Gubin’s roof in 1978.The sign made news around the world at the time but has re-found fame this week after being posted on Reddit.

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One US homeowner has taken trolling to another level by painting a message on his roof top to deliberately trick aeroplane passengers into thinking they’ve boarded the wrong flight.

Mark Gubin painted the sign ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ on his home which is next to Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.