Dating sober person sex dating in kupreanof alaska

24-Feb-2016 05:36

They'll be the first to tell you, "If he hasn't had a year sober, walk away," and, "Stop talking about him, let's focus on you".

But many, many folks who were raised in families where alcohol was a problem find that they are attracted to alcoholics in their romantic relationships.

Or, they attract people where alcohol (or drugs, abuse, narcotics) are issues.

He goes to AA meetings every week and says he hasn't had a drop to drink in three years.

I don't want to throw something amazing away... But I'm not sure I want to get involved with an alcoholic even if he's admitted it. "In a nutshell: I think it depends on your situation.

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Lindsay asks: "I just met this guy who seems perfect on paper.Four dates into what seemed like a fairytale and he told me that he's a recovering alcoholic.Now this isn't always the case, and I'm also not saying that any of this is your fault. But it is something to think about, be aware of, and act upon if it is a theme in your life.Although you can't attend AA with your partner (unless you too have an addiction to alcohol), you can go to Al-Anon meetings.

Al-Anon is a worldwide support group for the loved ones of those with an alcohol addiction, and you can usually find an in-person group in most cities around the world.

While I can't speak specifically for a group in your area, I will say this: Al-Anon was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself while deeply entrenched in a relationship with someone who had yet to recognize they had a serious addiction issue.

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