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17-Dec-2014 11:19

Plus I lacked social skills with women being that I was still an AFC (someone who’s clueless about women). Ten years ago, before I embarked on my journey into the world of seduction, I decided to teach myself Spanish, for the sole purpose of picking up Latin girls.

Fast forward to 2012, I am so fluent in speaking Spanish that it’s virtually impossible to tell the linguistic difference between me and a Puerto Rican.

There’s no greater attraction than a guy who communicates to women that he’s been around…around women and the globe. In The Bronx, New York, I grew up around Dominicanas: the hot girls in my classes were Latinas, almost all my next-door neighbors Latinas, Maria @ the bodega Latina…everyone in my fucking circumference was Hispanic!! Then the guy would leave immediately as he realizes he cannot compete with a guy who can speak Spanish. Remember guys: you’re always at an advantage knowing how to communicate in the girl’s 1st. As much as I was attracted to hot Dominican girls (and a black Honduran who lived next door), the language barrier would prove to be a big bitch!!! For the record; these are NOT pick-up lines NOR compliments…at least not cheesy ones which will make you look like an ass-kissing Beta-Male! I have a 100% success rate at stealing Latin chicks from non-Spanish speaking guys: be it on public transportation in NYC, at the club/bar, grocery store, etc.The purpose of these phrases and lines are to impress the Latina whom you’re approaching or chatting up already. But to impress her in the sense that she sees you as a well-learned/well-traveled guy [a huge Demonstration of High Value]. Let’s say that I’m at a bar, spot a 2-set (hot Latina being chatted up by a non-Spanish speaker), I’d draw closer to them and say: “Mira nena, ya lo se que eso tipo te aburrece a la porra. “Hey baby girl, it’s obvious that guy is boring the hell out of you. Ten out of ten times (that’s 100%), the guy would look at us in an “I’m fucked” kind of way, as the girl giggles in agreement.

[Llamas pronounced Yamas] 3.) Te ves bien [pronounced Tay Ves Beyen] •You look good. 9.) Me gusta mas [Me pronounced May] •I like it a lot 10.) Dale Mami [pronounced Da-Lay] • It’s like saying “let me see what you got”. If you’re into Spanish chicks: Mexicans, Dominicans, Brazilians (although they speak Portuguese, almost all of them are near fluent in Spanish), make it easy on yourself. 6.) Oye chula [pronounced O-yay] •Whats up stylish girl 7.) Suave mamita. 8.) Date prisa [pronounced Da-tay] •Hurry up please!

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