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15-Apr-2016 23:55

Just don’t sell anything illegal or stolen and you should be alright.

A new site has popped up on the Internet called Freei that surprisingly has seen little business until recently.

Some people have even started affiliate websites called “conga lines” to show people this isn't a con.

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It does exactly what it says on the tin and offers surfers a brand-new free i Pod. Well, it's pretty minimal actually; all you have to do is sign up to one of a number of free trials to services such as AOL or Real Networks and also get 5 friends to do the same.

After the free trial has ended you can easily cancel and receive your free i Pod in the post.

Their goal is to link up with advertisers and publishers and then try to steer as many customers as possible in their direction.

They have several other sites including Free, Free and even Free

Many people have been sceptical of such a scheme due to the many matrix or pyramid schemes seen on e Bay and around the web also offering free i Pods.This one is legitimate however and is run by Gratis Internet, a well-known Washington based customer acquisition company.

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