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This web site provides the latest statistics and indicators on women and men in six specific fields of concern: - Population - Health - Women and men in families - Education - Work - Political decision making The statistics and indicators refer to the latest year for which sex-disaggregated data are available.The data have been compiled from official national sources as well as international sources.The scales include standard deviations, cumulative percentages, percentile equivalents, Z-scores, T-scores, standard nines, and percentages in standard nines.The Cox Model is widely used in the analysis of survival data and enables researchers to more easily identify the risks of specific factors for mortality or other survival outcomes among groups of patients with disparate characteristics. When many people hear the word "statistics," they think of either sports-related numbers or the college class they took and barely passed.While statistics can be thought about in these terms, there is more to the relationship between you and statistics than you probably imagine. Several informal definitions are offered in the book A few months ago, the University of Glasgow hosted the first international conference of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) which explored approaches to teaching and learning mathematics.It will be bestowed every other year to an individual or team for major achievements using statistics to advance science, technology and human welfare.

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All sources are given at the end of each table, as are technical notes on the indicators presented.BREAKING NEWS: Sir David Cox Named Inaugural Recipient of the International Prize in Statistics!

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