Dating the wrong person

22-Dec-2015 10:30

Whoever says they have a hunger for God will have a hunger for His Word and they’ll desire to talk with Him in prayer.

If all these things are absent, you might be dating the wrong person.

Anyone who’s taking legal or illegal substances for the express purpose of impairing one’s judgment or being in an altered state of mind is a person you shouldn’t date.

Have you ever been with other Christians who have publicly shared their faith? But if you’re dating someone who is embarrassed to pray in public before a meal or never even speaks the name of Jesus for fear of being overheard, there may be concerns about the person you’re dating.

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But you may be dating the wrong person if that person makes themselves the center of the universe and only does what they want to do.

If you’re dating someone and notice there is never any conversation about God or Jesus or they’re not interested in church, reading and studying the Bible, or prayer, that should bring up some red flags.