Dating tips for introverted women

30-Sep-2015 20:53

And if it has to do with your relationship, I’ll give you some Do’s and Don’ts to restore intimacy again. As John Gray says, men are like rubber bands: they may stretch away from you, but at a certain point they reach their limit and come springing back to you again.As a woman, you can play an important role in reconnecting your partner to the world again.About a month into a relationship, you should be able to tell just how much communication and intimacy is normal for your guy.

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Men can often get lost in their heads, and it is your sensuality, joy, and liveliness that can reawaken him to the pleasures he's missing.If your gut feeling is telling you that his distance is not normal, I can promise you one thing: WORRYING about it will do you no good.

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