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06-Dec-2014 23:47

If you are NEW IN TOWN you have to join In The loop!I was new to Western Washington with no friends or family here.They send me emails encouraging me to go to specific activities that have people in my age group going.And Kara, the Director, called me personally to tell me to go to the new member mixer because there were several women in my age group going. I have refereed this club to friends and co workers and I am excited to continue attending ITL activities and trips.After a month of being alone and going to bars and various other places to meet people, I met Kara Donahue, from In The Loop who was in charge of running activities and trips for singles.After speaking with her, she assured me, if I joined the group, I would meet life long friends and really have a lot of fun. Today, I've been able to develop a large number of friends I have gained through consistent networking and going to events designed to introduce and get to know people.Events and activities include everything from sporting events, concerts and the great outdoors to wine tastings, fun-filled foody nights and unforgettable parties. After years of meeting women online and it NEVER working out- I finally decided to try something different. It was the best decision I have made in a long time.I met a several new friends at my first event riding their party bus.

You are in luck, because In The Loop is your gateway to enjoying fantastic events and activities while meeting new single friends face to face. We offer members with a fun and interactive way to meet like-minded singles.

Some of the types of events that Kara developed and used in the group are events like speed mingling, new member mixers, scavenger hunts, and field days.

Each of the events are designed to make you talk to others whether you know them or not and at times work as a team to accomplish them. After being burned by some other dating services in town, I was hesitant to meet with another group and hear empty promises of romance and then feel pressured to sign up for something that was not right for me.

I also met some new business associates at the Seahawks watch party and Lindsay, my new girlfriend at the new member mixer.

It was really easy to make new friends and the staff is nice.

I strongly recommend In the Loop to anyone who is single and/or new to the area or recently getting out of a long relationship and trying to rebuild their social network. My experience at In the Loop was totally different.