Dating woman 2 years older

27-Apr-2016 15:53

It just sorta fizzled when I got tired of dealing with his immaturity.

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This is inspired by this thread wherein Ski said that a friend of his stated that he'd be bothered by dating a woman nine weeks older than he was. Also, why is it more acceptable for a man to be with a younger woman than a woman to be with a younger man? She was also a Russian immigrant so, remembering this thread , I guess it was the reverse mail-order thing.

So guys, would it bother you dating a woman older than you? - Rune My wife is about nine months older than me, and we consider ourselves the same age.

Unless they're five years old, that makes them virtually the same age...) The stereotype, which may be at least partially grounded in actual fact, is that older women are less self-absorbed and less demanding. Mother Nature did not deal the sexes the same cards in that regard.

I'm not sure how accurate this impression is, though. I still remember her with great fondness, but marriage would never have worked since I wanted children at some time.

I'm 26 and there some older women walking around my office that I wouldn't mind getting to know better. When I was around 19-20 I was with a forty year old woman for about a year or so. She was beautiful, fun, intelligent, had her own apartment, practically sexually insatiable everything a 19/old man could possible wish for.

He was 5 years younger than me and that only lasted 6 months because he was so immature. Date, yeah; marry, no (When I get married, it will be to someone young enough to have kids, which is kind of a priority for me).

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