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But while I wouldn’t take the political risk in Ecuador as an institutional or resource investor, I have no problems being an expat there. Just because the government is going after oil profits doesn’t mean that they want the title to your house in Cuenca.Dispossessing foreigners of their property would do absolutely nothing for the government, or for ‘the people’ that Correa so desperately wants to please. Today, my goal is to provide you with a short, balanced overview of Ecuador, with the intention of providing more details later this week.Would I buy a nice house with a small farm in Ecuador? Would I buy 10,000 acres of land adjacent to an impoverished village? The bottom line is that Ecuador is definitely worthy of consideration.Specifically, based on how I define the “7 expat categories“, Ecuador is great for retirees, hermits, nomads, and internationalists. Here are six reasons why: First, as you’ve probably heard, cost of living is dirt cheap in Ecuador…

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April 20, 2010 Cuenca, Ecuador Ecuador is not one of those places on everyone’s radar.In fact, when I recently announced that I would be returning to Ecuador, I received a handful of subscriber emails like this one: “Why are you wasting your time in that communist money pit?