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It was thought since the 1850s that the resin that became amber was produced by the tree Pinites succinifer, but research in the 1980s came to the conclusion that the resin originates from several species.

More recently, it has been proposed, on the evidence of Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIR) analysis of amber and resin from living trees, that conifers of the family Sciadopityaceae were responsible.

The structure of Baltic amber (succinite) is complex.

It is not a polymer, because it is not composed of a repeating pattern of «mers» of the same type.

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Today, more than 90% of the world's amber comes from Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia.

It is a major source of income for the region; the local Kaliningrad Amber Combine extracted 250 tonnes of it in 2014, The term "Baltic amber" is generic, so amber from the Bitterfeld brown coal mines in Saxony (Eastern Germany) sometimes is included the same name.

Bitterfeld amber was previously believed to be only 20–22 million years old (Miocene), but a comparison of the animal inclusions revealed that it is most probably genuine Baltic amber that has only been redeposited in a Miocene deposit.

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Rather it has a macromolecular structure arranged in a crosslinked network, in which the pores (free spaces) are filled by components of molecular structure (e.g. Thus the chemical structure of the amber may be described as a supramolecule.