05-Sep-2015 04:04

“People are coming out of relationships and bouncing right back into relationships,” says Stacy.

“People just need time to heal.” Stacy grew up in a divorced home. When Stacy was 16, her father had a miraculous encounter with God and started seeking Him with all his heart.

He tried as best he could to restore the lost years of her childhood.

They both knew they couldn’t go back, but they could move forward.

For some people that is way too long and they did not follow through with the course, but those who did found healing and growth that they couldn’t have imagined.

Some reasons why you should consider taking a short time out before returning to the dating scene. When your heart has been cheated and hurt or it’s in a confused state, it is essential to take a break and do some mending.

Their 16-year marriage had been a turbulent one and the next year wouldn’t be much easier for Stacy. “Sin is fun for a season,” says Stacy, “but when that season is over, you are the most miserable person.” She plunged into dating so quickly after her divorce that she never allowed herself the time to regroup and heal from her marriage.

Also a great reason to take some time to mend yourself and regroup from your previous relationship is (3) to make sure you are mentally ready to detect a counterfeit.

There are many people out in the dating world that can say all the right things.

LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING There are many ways of determining whether someone is going to be a good person to date or candidate for marriage.

(2) In this state of brokenness there is an all too real danger and consequence of landing in another unhealthy relationship.

Like attracts like—if you are emotionally unhealthy, inevitably you will be a magnet for another unhealthy person of the opposite sex.