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22-Jun-2015 18:14

If you’re paying attention to the world around you, it becomes pretty clear pretty fast that nobody’s perfect.

Our leaders, our businessmen, our athletes, even the characters on screen who count as our brightest lights are carrying around enough bad habits to make Duke Nukem go rosey.

Lucky for us, we rational men are blessed with the ability to cherrypick the strengths and traits we want to cultivate in ourselves, while passing on the crazy parts that would likely land us in jail forever or on the business end of an honour killing.

So in the spirit of Skyfall, the movie everybody has apparently already seen three times, we bring you the Do’s and Don’ts of England’s coolest spy. For every hour Bond spends moping, drinking and shooting, he spends two at the gym pounding out the free weights.

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JB isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and he’s not hung up on getting recognition from his co-workers, in fact he’s not keen on them at all, (except that one new kid in R&D). There’s nothing wrong with sex, certainly there’s nothing wrong with having a long list of sexual partners, but it’s a real dumb idea to look at the world like it was a meat market.Daniel Craig’s incarnation of James Bond wears his vices on his sleeve.He’s brooding, an borderline alcoholic, a murderer many times over and even if you were his best friend he’d probably sleep with your mom, sister and girlfriend the second you left the room to pull some hor dourves from the oven.But that’s the problem, the world doesn’t seem to understand a man can have qualities worthy of emulation despite his vices (however slight or serious). We shouldn’t strive towards perfection, we should strive towards improvement.

The other problem is what lead these guys to pretend they were perfect in the first place. It’s always possible and you’ll be heading in the same direction anyway.

You’ll always do much better in life when you can approach 50% of the people you meet without working out a way to undress them, and discretion is always the better part of valor.

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