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24-Jul-2016 06:12

By the same token, too much information, like a novel-length profile or endless lists, is also a turnoff.The TMI profile is begging people to skim it and move on.

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From its foundation in 1768 the Royal Academy of Arts has provided a voice for art and artists.

We are an independent charity led by eminent artists and architects—the Royal Academicians—and we pursue our mission through exhibitions, education and debate.

If you haven’t written one yet, now is the time to take the plunge.

Go ahead and make your first stab at writing a profile before continuing with this book.

While you don’t have to answer every single question in every category, you do need to fill out at least some.

Remember, a profile tells people who you are, and leaving much of your profile blank tells people that you are someone who is barely serious about dating and that they shouldn’t bother to contact you because you are uncommitted to the process.