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The last thing I need to answer was my wife to ask me what's wrong. "I agree, taking my daughter's hand as we walk onto the dance floor as the instructor continued to give the reoccurring one-two-three, one-two-three. Seeing her here was hard enough but in a white wedding dress? My mind flashes back to my memories, back when she was in high school. "I want to go to the prom."I nodded, putting down my newspaper. Zoe and my wife frowned down on me when I stated my feelings on the subject that they were getting back together."Dad, I'm in college now," she argued. It had been a year since the incidences of her friend's wedding that the boy crashed. He was inconsiderate on top of being a troublemaker. I had met the boy several times and never did like him. "I don't need your consent for everything I do anymore.""But you are only eighteen. I turned on the radio to a light rock station and take her in my arms. As we continued the lessons, I began growing increasingly curious about her date.


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After the dinner and the first dance of the bride and groom. "Can I dance with my Cinderella before she goes to the ball? A bit different than what most writers write for Valentine's Day, nay?

I watch my daughter dance around in circles with her fiance to slow and sappy music. The giggling face as I twirled her around to her favorite songs that played on the radio whenever they came on. Now my little girl is all grown up and dancing with another man. I'd lie and she'd know it and we would make a big deal about it. He still was slightly afraid of me and I don't blame him. Zoe had never been good a ballroom dancing and the prom wasn't too far away.

Six months ago, she had gotten engaged and I had stared wide-eyed at the diamond ring on her finger. I had never liked Takuya Kanbara but I swallowed my pride. I can see the boy really did love my daughter and he truly meant every word he would say in only a month's time. The music came to a stop and Zoe broke away from Takuya. Her date had been someone she really liked, and little did I know was that it was my future son in law."Daddy," she began, slightly embarrassed.

I walk towards my seat and I watch my new son-in-law and daughter look at each other with happy eyes as the priest go through their vows. To the married couple.""To the married couple," everyone echoes.


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Koji has a girlfriend and JP's in love with someone else," she retorted. I'm quite happy with Takuya." With that, she stormed off. When she did finally come back, she presented a ring on her finger and explained everything."Daddy," she asked, using the word she hadn't used for several years, "since I'm going to be married, do you think we could practice my dancing? "It has been a long time since I have been able to dance with my daughter like this and most likely my last. True to my thoughts that had been plaguing my mind since forever, I feel a tug at my heart, threatening to flood into tears.

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