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Moss might get lucky and Champ Bailey doesn't play, but it's not a given and we won't know til later as that's an afternoon game. But they will still blitz -- Palmer does not read defenses like Manning -- so I think Housh and Henry (and Chris Perry) have decent stats.

Pl A says to start Roy (Minn) and Kennison (Den) over Chad (at Pitts). Kennison is the logical play given Den's passing D -- but Champ is healthy and playing better each week.

PLA says to play Burress, Housh, and Bruce but I don't think I can bench Harrison despite terrible matchup. Yes, Foster (tough match though against TB), over Arrington (the Cards NEVER run, and shipp is back) You can't trust Carr can you?

Must be Brunell (at Az) and Bledsoe (at home against KC) -- though Drew has been awful the last 5 weeks.

I know its early but I want to hear your thouhts on this. Then agains, Kennison is an every-other-week guy -- he scored 2 TDs against HOU two weeks ago so now he is due. I know the Jets are decent against the pass, but that is partly because their run D sucks.

Chew on that, and do what we all do, flip a coin and cross your fingers. Bella-chick is a liar, Dillion will probably play this week, sharing with Pass and Faulk, and that will help Brady (last week the Pats were one-dimensional and without Givens). And oh by the way, I saw him throw for over 300 yards in 8 inches of snow against the Raiders a few years back. Pick up Jim Sorgi, IF DENVER has another lose and INDY another WIN then INDY will pretty much clinch home field through out and Dungy will shut it down, you'll see plenty of Rhodes and Sorgi, and if your championship game is week 17 then your in luck as the Colts host the Cardinals I need your help to beat my brother, last years champ, in the first round of the playoffs and he has a very solid team.

I know Balt is awfl, but they will be throwing from behind and Boller has only two choices -- Mason or Heap. Parker has a chance to do something -- look at what Evans did to MIA last week. Willis won't do much, and Champ is on fire lately and will hold down Moulds. This win will put me into the championship game and the analyzer missed the pick the last two weeks. Our playoffs are based on most points scoured over two weeks so I need to maximize my player points. Esp those that got run over by Tiki, or those that had Peyton and lost because of his floundering. Now I have to hate him until I am able to pick him in some league next year. By the way, I blame TO and Westbrook for my 3rd place finish. Then again, had I not traded Rudi and Larry (on my bench at the time) for Chad and Westbrook back in week 7, I would have walked away with the champioship easily. I still have one team left in a total-points league. What's interesting for me is my team didn't make the playoffs and would have made the Championship game this coming weekend if I would have gotten in. I like Frerotte him and Chambers are getting it going. Good luck with your other Squad "G" and Happy Holidays!

A long time champion and always competitive player once told me... Rumor is best receiver he has in camp this year is Champ Bailey, he throws more picks to the defense.

Ofcourse, the first few weeks of the season is where we start to see where the players are going this year. If they do that, that likely leaves JJ one on one with one safety to help over the top. I could also start Greg Jones and only start one of these receivers. I think it is a close call between Housh and Eddie.

The Rams smurfs at CB can't cover the tall, physical JJ, so it's a clear mismatch. There is no question that Rudi will have a tough day in Pitts. After watching Marvin dominate a rotated/slanted cover 2, I think that Cower will try a little more man with a safety over the top (double team) to take Chad out of the game (especially given that Chad keeps telling everyone that he has a special TD celebration planned this week, the Steelers want to nix that).

Who should I start: Mc Gahee or Gado to go along with Alexander. Man, u my be in trouble -- his matchups with Alexander (SF), Brown (Hou) Driver (Det), Mc Nair (Hou) and even Smith (Balt -- no Reed or Mc Callister) are ideal.

Pick three: Harrison, Burress, Housh, Bruce, Mc Cardell, or Robinson. Good for you that Jordan and Dillion have really good matchups too.

Ya know, Carr may be worth the gamble against Ten's bad CB. I am not blaming the PLA for these calls, but there is nothing worse than losing a big money game (,600) when you had the points on your bench and didn't make the right coaching decision.But do I like Gafney and Johnson over Glenn and Keyshawn?? And if you noticed last week, JJ got a bunch of receptions too. Dal has more weapons to help Bledsoe than Carr does. definitey Stallworth (better hope Hall plays Horn), and I would have to say Mason. Fitz hasn't looked Curtis' way much, not with Bruce and Holt, and they have a tough matchup at Minn. Not to mention -- Tiki really stuck it to me this week.