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Kissinger's complaint and that there appeared to be some evidence of illegal telephone use by La Rouche supporters to harass him.

I.'s executive assistant director, responded with two letters saying that the bureau would investigate Mr.

, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, any public performances, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. Originally named Renucci or Fraucci, Artuzov is said by most sources to have returned to Russia from Genoa only on the eve of the Revolution, while the Soviets' fictionalized biography of Artuzov acknowledges that he was of Italo-Swiss ancestry. Voitsekhovsky had to admit, it was incomprehensible, how his contemporaries, his former superiors and colleagues, could have believed in the sincerity of his monarchical views. The Trust of the spies and provocateurs, as the above shows, turns out to be a microcosm of a much bigger East West complex, whose strategic outlook was best stated by the infamous Toynbee in 1974. Cheka chief Dzerzhinsky wore another hat, as chairman of the Supreme Council for the National Economy, which allowed him to deal directly with the Western members of this larger Trust...". Originally named Renucci or Fraucci, Artuzov is said by most sources to have it returned Russia from Genoa only on the eve of the Revolution, while the Soviet's fictionalized biography of Artuzov acknowledges that he was of Italo - Swiss ancestry. That work was further enriched by his study of the Riemannian biogeophysicist Vladimir Vernadsky, whose concepts play a major role in La Rouche's scientific work".

This short preface to my domain was formed 19 and on 20th April 2015, but its extensive fragments are also to read in the so-called 'Part 2 - Intelligence...'. When Potapov was the Trust's emissary to Western Europe in the 1920s, he supposedly fooled the Russian aristocrats abroad into believing he was the representative of an anti-Bolshevik underground. "John Dziak leads the IASC's work on technology security, strategic denial and deception and countermeasures. Dziak is co-founder and President of Dziak Group, Inc., a consulting firm in the fields of technology transfer, intelligence, counterintelligence and security, and national security affairs with clients in industry and the Intelligence Community. Dziak is an Adjunct Professor at the National Defense Intelligence College". Dziak is co-founder and President of Dziak Group, Inc., a consulting firm in the fields of technology transfer, intelligence, counterintelligence and security, and national security affairs with clients in industry and the Intelligence Community in USA. Dziak, Sr, of Lorain, died 2014 in Lorain; he was born in 1927 in Lorain; John served with the US Army from 1945-1947; worked for the Illuminating Company; member of the American Slovak Club, First Catholic Slovak Union; his wife Frances nee Keplar; children Robert, Barbara (Dennis) Goza of Cheboygan, Beverly (William) Allsop of Vermilion, Joan, John (Kathy) Dziak, Jr of Lorain, and so on; from Slovakia! When Potapov was the Trust's emissary is Western Europe in the 1920s, he supposedly the Russian aristocrats fooled into believing abroad he was the representative of an anti-Bolshevik underground". At https://larouchepac.com/vernadsky we read: "Throughout the work of Ukrainian-Russian [Pole!

So I invite you to read how somebody can create an history image omitting the historical facts... He has served over three decades as a senior intelligence officer and an executive in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and in the Defense Intelligence Agency, with long experience in weapons proliferation intelligence, counterintelligence, strategic intelligence, global countermeasures and intelligence education. Ortutova in 1921, George Dziak to Cleveland, OH; Maria Dziak (Zavidny) of Lipova; in Lipova in 1901 Andrew Dziak to Marblehead, OH; Ortutova, Slovensko, east of Bardejov. Lipova, Ortutova and Sasova are located east of Bardejov, northern Slovakia. In principle, all these people were associated with the Warsaw special services, mainly with counter-intelligence of the security services (by the way, like in the whole period 1972 - 2015 [since 2005 with cooperation of Slovakia and Romania; at present even the structure derived from the famous Humer alias Umer from Tomaszw Lubelski - Gliwice, with connection to ... ] biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, we find a powerful argument for why processes on Earth, and in the Universe, are organized according to a top-down principle of life, and, even higher, human cognition.

He is the author of the award-winning, Chekisty: A History of the KGB (1987), numerous other books, articles, and monographs, the most recent of: which is The Military Relationship Between China and Russia, 1995-2002 (2002), and is currently preparing a book on counterintelligence. Helen Dziak 1854-03-10 of Lipova; Stefan Dziak; Dziak, John 1866-02-17 of Ortutova; Peter Dziak; Dziak, John 1888-08-09 of Sasova / aova; see: Charles Dziak b. Tirana, Thessaloniki, Tbilisi...]); the locations of these people in society clearly suggested further direction of my historical research. Zoakos is President of Leto Research, Inc., an economic research and consulting firm in Ft. This is a concept found throughout the writings and speeches of economist Lyndon La Rouche, who has often referenced the work of Vernadsky".

Vernadsky's life's work ended up culminating in a similar investigation, of the unique distinction of man from animal, something Vernadsky approached from the standpoint of a biogeochemist.

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Irina Trubetskova of the Department of Natural Resources, University of New Hampshire: After years of silence, the West finally started to discover and scientifically recognize a prominent Russian researcher, organizer of science, educator, public figure, person of encyclopedic knowledge, philosopher, and thinker - Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, a genius that belongs to all of humanity.

Genealogy and history of the Wernadski, Modzelewski and Kanstancinovič / Konstantinovich / Konstantynowicz family in the XVIII and XIX centuries in Russia.

Bailey in 1981, joined the Reagan administration as Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and Senior Director of International Economic Affairs on the staff of the National Security Council in the White House), , and then 'Los Angeles Times', on November 22, 1987 by Michael Krepon about 'CHEKISTY: A HISTORY OF THE KGB' inf.: "The Soviet state security apparatus has a wide-ranging portfolio, including internal security, foreign espionage, kidnaping, assassination, and control over nuclear weapons. Dziak's short history of the KGB, 'Chekisty'." And again 'Chekisty: The KGB...' was ed. The Lexington Books edited this book on March 17, 1988 "Lawyers for Lyndon H. Kissinger on the stand to rebut the harassment charge. Today's developments came in a months-long Federal trial of Mr. Kissinger as a witness after the testimony of a former La Rouche aide scheduled to appear Friday. "..internationally known economist, and his exceptional successes as a long-range forecaster, are the outgrowths of his original discoveries of physical principle, dating from a project conducted during the 1948-1952 interval".

Kissinger and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and said they were evidence of a Government effort to harass Mr. A Government prosecutor said later that he might put Mr. Director and is now Director of Central Intelligence. John Markham, an assistant United States attorney, told Federal District Judge, Robert Keeton, that he might call Mr. La Rouche contends he has been the target of a 20-year Government vendetta that climaxed in 1984 because of his outspoken criticism of the Administration's efforts to aid the rebels in Nicaragua...".

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Artuzov, in his thirties at the peak of the operation, was a cousin of Potapov. Among the letters introduced today was one written in August 1982 by Mr. Hence, the employment of Riemannian conceptions to La Rouche's own discoveries became known as the La Rouche-Riemann Method. Bailey, formerly the President Reagan's Special Assistant for International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council. La Rouche, a political extremist who, along with six of his aides and five of his organizations, is charged with conspiring to obstruct a grand jury investigation of credit card and loan fraud attributed to his 1984 Presidential campaign. "In his subsequent search for a metrical standard for this treatment of the functional role of cognition, he adopted the Leibniz-Gauss-Riemann standpoint, as represented by Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation.

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