Dealing with rejection dating world

09-Feb-2016 01:09

I would go out, almost every day, sometimes with a friend, and strike up conversations with girls. For the first few months I procrastinated and did nothing. Whether that be making more eye contact, speaking louder, learning how to relax in social situations, or something else.In bars or clubs, out in the street, on the university campus, in the shopping mall. Whenever I saw a girl walk by who I liked my mind would come up with a dozen excuses. Of course, this also requires you to have a longer-term mindset when it comes to your personal development.As a guy in his early twenties, there’s only a few things in life I care about. Otherwise the shy guy is terrified of getting turned down, or ignored, or being laughed at, or made to look like a loser. And the lessons I learned went far beyond just dating.

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In fact, I was a virgin into my twenties despite being decent looking and having nothing “wrong” with me so to speak except for being extremely shy.

Whether that means being seen as the fun, outgoing person at the party.

After a few months I finally mustered enough courage to start. To stop putting so much importance on this one person’s opinion of you and instead see them as one among hundreds you are going to meet.

The first few times I approached a girl I was almost shaking with anxiety. Most people put too much pressure on themselves to perform well.

When people feel rejected or left out, they often describe their feelings with physical pain words, complaining of “hurt feelings” or “broken hearts.” Our research has shown that feeling socially excluded activates some of the same neural regions that are activated in response to physical pain, suggesting that social rejection may indeed be “painful.” – Naomi Eisenberger Associate Professor Ph. One of the things I read early on in my journey overcoming social anxiety was this saying: When you get rejected, you should be grateful.

D., UCLA So since I was afraid of rejection, I stayed lonely. I decided, as an experiment, to go out and start approaching girls in my city. It shows you that you’re doing something wrong and need to reconsider your approach.